Rules and Conditions of the contest “Haiku”


1. Contest description:

Florentino Martínez winery, in collaboration with the web  “el rincón del haiku”, and with the Embassy of the Japan in Spain, inside the acts to celebrating on the occasion of the year of Japan, there summons the ” Literary Contest Haiku Bodegas Florentino Martínez ” for the composition of a haiku (poem) in relation with the culture of the wine. The winning will be printed in the label of the author’s wine of the winery, of name “TANKA”, accompanying the design of the artist Alberto Palomera. It is a question of relating the culture of the wine with the literature and the oriental thought, so brilliantly formed of these poetical compositions. The aim of this new initiative is to be able to exchange the sensations that our wine “TANKA” suggests, across the verses composed in the label (haiku) as Suggest, across the verses composed in the label (haiku) as it is indicated later.

A Haiku is a poetical composition of Japanese origin, which consists of three verses of 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively, without heap. His style is characterized by the naturalness, subtlety and apparent asymmetry from the sensations that ” here and now ” it wakes up in the poet. This one remains attentive to the silent evidences and says to us of what the instants are done the intimate feeling of the things to reveal ourselves, where often our look happens distracted. If to a haiku him are added two more verses 7 syllables, the result gives place to a new composition called tanka. The purpose of this contest is to promote the creativity of the own final consumer of in order that it answers to the winning haiku (form in the label of the wine followed by two lines in white) with a couple of verses that form his impressions and sensations before the wine, turning the final composition into a tanka.

2. Participants:

The contest is opened any natural or juridical major person of 18 years. It will be able to take part neither in the personal contest of the winery nor members of the jury.

3. Works:

The works will have to be original unpublished poems (in Castilian), related to the culture and the world of the wine, not published and to be free of the copyright.

The original haikus will have to be sent across the web or indicating in both cases “Literary Contest Haiku “.

Every offer will have to include the following information of the author:

  • Name and surnames, ID card or equivalent, adress, telephone and e-mail.
  • Every participant will be able to present a maximum of 2 haikus. The receipt of poems remains opened until 19:00 of March 31, 2013.
  • The winning work Florentino Martínez will be printed in the label of the author’s new wine “TANKA”, of Winery, doing express mention his author.

4. Prizes:

There will be chosen a winning poem that will be announced before June 1, 2013 across the web and

The winner of the contest will be donated with:

  • Housing in full board for two persons on Friday and Saturday in San Millán de la Cogolla Hotel.
  • Visits to San Millán de la Cogolla (Monasteries of Yuso and Suso) for two persons
  • Visits to Florentino Martínez Winery with wine testing for two persons
  • Wines to choosing for the winner, by a value of 500 Euros

The second classified one will be donated with:

  • A visit with Visits to Florentino Martínez Winery with wine testing for two persons.
  • Wines to choosing for the award winner, for a value of 250 Euros.

To third classified she will be donated with:

  • Visits to Florentino Martínez Winery with wine testing for two persons.

The prizes delivery will be done to the winners in an act of presentation of the wine, to celebrating the second fortnight of June, 2013, in San Millán’s Monastery of the Cogolla, ” Cradle of the Castilian “.

5. Jury:

The Jury of the Literary Contest of microrrelatos of Florentino Martínez winery will be presided by D. Luis Miguel Martínez and will be constituted in addition by the following members:

D. Luis Corrales, El Rincón del Haiku.

D. Alberto Palomera, Artista.

D. Joaquín Araujo Ponciano. Naturalista  y escritor.

D. Desiderio Cerrajería, Poeta.

D. Kenji Maehigashi. (Agregado cultural de la Embajada del Japón).

D. Andrés Pascual Carrillo.  Abogado y Escritor .

D. Keishi Yasuda. (Universidad  de Ryukoku –  Kyoto).

Dra. Azucena Penas Ibañez. (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid y miembro de Grupo Investigador Japón).

Dra. Beatriz Penas Ibañez. (Universidad de Zaragoza).

6. Conditions:

Florentino Martínez will be able to be used The winning poem by winery, so much in the label of the mentioned wine, since in any other advertising document, doing always it indexes his author. For the fact of the participation in the contest, the winning authors yield to Florentino Martínez winery, without another consideration that the described prizes all the rights of exploitation of the works gathered in the law.

The participation in the contest implies the acceptance of all his bases, the conformity with the decisions of the Juror and the resignation expresses to any claim.

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