Wine Tourism

Diapositiva98.JPGReserving in advance, Florentino Martínez allows to visit the Winery and the vineyards. Also it offers to his visitors a wine tasting of his wines.

SELECTED WINE TASTING: The wine tasting directed by his enologist, are explained the qualities, the methods of production; showing it across a didactic card. In 1 hour and 15 minutes the visitor will cross the winery, will taste the wines and will be able to buy them in the small wine shop of the exit.

VISITS TO THE WINERY: In the visit there appear the premises, which possess a reply of an ancient wine cellar, where there can be seen utensils of traditional production, ancient press, vats of others times, manual bombs of extraction of wine … In addition, the visitor will have the privilege of seeing the first barrels of oak Riojan, proceeding from ” Montes Distercio” near the winery.

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