Rules and Conditions of the contest “Glosas para el Distercio”


1. Contest description:

There is summoned ” I competition of Microrrelatos” in relation by the culture of the wine, set in the environment of San Millan’s Valley and Distercios Mounts. The summons of this contest are related to the first wine elaborated and raised in barrels of autochthonous oak of the mounts near the winery, in the spurs of the Saw of the Demand ( Distercio Mounts). The winning microrrelato will go in the label of the bottle like annotation of the wine that it contains, whose name will be “DISTERCIO”

in honor to the mounts from which the oak comes and to San Millán’s Monastery where they wrote to themselves the first annotations in Castilian. Bearing in mind that most known consists of 43 words, the microrrelato will have to contain the same quantity, being one of them “DISTERCIO”.

It is a question of a creative game in which the culture of the wine in San Millán’s valley fuses with the historical legacy of the Valley and the thousand-year-old tradition across a new protagonist since is the autochthonous oak for the upbringing of the wines of Rioja. The protagonists are the wine and the oak, mount and valley, which they fuse to reach, from the roots of the land, his maximum expression.

From the valley, The Decertio (today San Lorenzo, higher summit of the Distercios Munts), that means ” the most visible “, appears as a Totem that protects and covers it, where the grapevine is cultivated from ancient times; in the same way as the oak has served to raise the wine for three years, in an attempt for demonstrating the excellence of the autochthonous wood for the upbringing of a singular wine.

The microrrelato, costs as definition, it is a narrative brief and suggestive text that must count a history, of which only one shows us a minimal part, since the rest is in the habit of remaining hidden in order that it is completed by the reader. He shares with the story many of his characteristics (such as the terseness and the precision, the ambiguity, the enigmatic end, the utilization of the ellipsis …), but also with the poetry (sensations and formal beauty)

2. Participants:

The contest is opened any natural or juridical major person of 18 years. It will be able to take part neither in the personal contest of the winery nor members of the juror.

3. Works:

  • The works will have to be original unpublished (in Castilian), related to the culture and the world of the wine, and to be free of the copyright.
  • It will have to consist of 43 words in total and at least one of them will be “DISTERCIO”.
  • There will be valued specially the references to San Milán’s environment and his Valley as well as to the Mounts Distercios.
  • The original microrrelatos will have to be sent across the e-mail: indicating in both cases “I competition of Microrrelatos”.
  • Every offer will have to include the following information of the author: name and surnames, ID card or equivalent, adress, telephone and e-mail.
  • Every participant will be able to present a maximum of 2 microrrelatos. The works will have to be sent before March 15, 2012.
  • The winning work Florentino Martínez will be printed in the label of the author’s new wine “DISTERCIO”, of Winery, mentioning it expresses to the contest and name of the winner.

4. Prizes:

He will be elected a winning microrrelato that will be announced before June 1, 2012 across the web and mass media collaborators.

The winner of the contest will be donated with:

  • Housing in full board for two persons on Friday and Saturday in San Millán de la Cogolla Hotel.
  • Visits to San Millán de la Cogolla (Monasteries of Yuso and Suso) for two persons
  • Visits to Florentino Martínez Winery with wine testing for two persons
  • Wines to choosing for the winner, by a value of 500 Euros

The second classified one will be donated with:

  • A visit with Visits to Florentino Martínez Winery with wine testing for two persons
  • Wines to choosing for the award winner, for a value of 250 Euros.

To third classified she will be donated with:

  • Visits to Florentino Martínez Winery with wine testing for two persons.

The prizes delivery will be done to the winners in an act of presentation of the wine, to celebrating before September 30, 2012, in the place and date that one will communicate to them opportunely.

5. Jury:

The Jury of the Literary Contest of microrrelatos of Florentino Martínez winery will be presided by D. Luis Miguel Martínez and will be constituted in addition by the following members:

D. José Mª Ibáñez Leza, (Enólogo).

D. María Luz Oyón Bañales, (Universidad de La Rioja)

D. Alberto Palomera, (Artista)

D. Miguel Ibáñez Rodríguez, (Universidad de Valladolid )

D. Arturo Calvo Espiga, (Universidad de Málaga )

D. Desiderio Cerrajería Morga, (Poeta)

6. Conditions:

Florentino Martínez will be able to be used The winning microrrelato by Winery, so much in the label of the mentioned wine, since in any other advertising document, promising to refer always to his author.

The participation in the contest implies the acceptance of all his bases, the conformity with the decisions of the Jury and the resignation expresses to any claim

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