Twinning of claret from La Rioja and “Torrezno” from Soria (August 2013)

The initiative organized by the Riojan teacher of the University of Valladolid in Soria Michael Ibáñez tries to press the bows of friendship hard enter two bordering lands and between two gastronomic products of the first order and sign of identity of the región. Florentino Martínez was one of the winery that signed bows of brotherhood with the torrezno soriano giving, this way, one more step in the promotion of the wine of rioja.

Florentino Martínez winery” its supports the promotion XXVI of the catering school (June 2013) Embajador en Escuela de Hosteleria

“Florentino Martínez Winery ” and the ambassador of Japan in Spain, Satoru Satoh, supports the Promotion XXVI of the catering School of Santo Domingo de la Calzada, formed by 84 pupils. All of them took part in the menu that was served in the dining room of the center for his families and authorities.

III Literary Contest HAIKU of Florentino Martínez winery (April 2013)

Florentino Martínez winery, in collaboration with the portal, and with the Embassy of the Japan in Spain, inside the acts to celebrating on the occasion of the year of Japan, there summoned in March the ” III Literary Contest Haiku” for the composition of a haiku (poem) in relation with the culture of the wine.

The Rioja more Rioja of all (September 2012)

The winery presented in company the ” Rioja more Rioja of all the Riojas “, in words of Jose Maria Ibáñez, enologist of the wine-producing signature. He is called ‘Distercio’, Florentino Martínez’s limited and special edition, which has been raised by the first time in barrels of Riojan oak and which name is that of the mounts of the Saw of the Demand where they have been cut the tres. The Riojan oak, at least medium-term, is not an alternative for a not specialized forestry, which does that the wastages of wood are very considerable with regard to other origins, but Florentino Martínez has intention of, as far as possible, increasing his autochthonous Center Barrel Cellar. ” It offers own personality and the wine, with which already we were lucky with the extraordinary one adds of 2008, it has an extraordinary complexity “, makes clear the enologist.

Competition of microrrelatos for his wine “Distercio” (March 2012)

The Winery summoned “I competition of Microrrelatos”. The initiative claimed contextualize the presentation of the new wine: “Distercio”.  

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