Cordovín, village with a millennial wine tradition,  is located in the very heart of  La Rioja Alta, at the foot of Sierra de la Demanda, in San Millán valley. It is surrounded by the three  monasteries of La Rioja in the route to Santiago: San Millán de la Cogolla, Cañas and Santa María la Real de Nájera; whose chronicles already mentioned  the wines and vineyards in the village, their property at that time.

Florentino Martínez family, settled in Cordovín and heir of this millennial tradition, has been cultivating and making these wines generation after generation  with such caress and affection that they have classified their vineyards by their special features; therefore every single wine comes from its own preselected vineyard.

The vineyards have been catalogued according to their special features, and with the aim of making different wines: “Carasol de Valdemerque” for Distercio and Tanka wines,  “La Guerra”, “Carasol de zapatero “ and “Monte de cañas”  with  “La Abadía de la Luz” for his delightful white Florentius.

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